May 4, 2012

Vine Lace Cardigan.

Vine Lace cardigan
I wanted something cute and quick and... I have done two little cardigans (seamless top-down) with vine lace. This is updated pattern in baby and toddler sizes. It used to be free in one newborn size for one year and a half. This cardigan is knitted with drops cotton light...more details HERE on ravelry, thank you*


  1. An adorable cardigan, AND we just happen to have a granddaughter due in a couple of months!

  2. beautiful - after two grandsons, I'm looking forward to knitting for the granddaughter due in July

  3. Śliczne są te Twoje maleńkie sweterki! Za kilka miesięcy przyjdzie na świat mój mały Siostrzeniec (lub Siostrzenica), na pewno skorzystam z Twoich wzorów :)

    1. dzieki Bellis, szybko sie robi takie malenstwa :)

  4. I love your designs and I thank you for sharing! I have a 3 year old granddaughter and would love it if you could share your daughter's sweater patterns! I am not a good enough knitter to know how to enlarge a pattern.


  5. hello,
    time ago I wrote to you I have permission to translate your Vine lace Cardi 0-3 months, now I see that the pattern is a payment in many sizes.
    The size 0-3 months is always free or I have to remove the Italian version of my site?
    Thank you very much


  6. Hi, sorry if this message appears twice. I have just purchased your pattern and my gauge is a cm smaller in width but ok in height. I really don't want to go a needle up as I love how it looks. Doing a 3 month size. Shall I just add a few stitches each side on the knit area? Please let me know what you suggest. Nati